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Galloway Johnson | Workers' Compensation Litigation Law Firm

The simple act of hiring an employee can bring a host of unimagined exposures in an employer's future. Galloway Johnson and our team of Employer's Liability litigation attorneys understand those ramifications. Worker's compensation claims may spring from any number of conditions, such as the physical landscape of the work environment, the products and tools employees use, employee work practices, or employee interaction with co-workers. Threats to an employer's professional reputation, business productivity, or financial health can easily follow.  The best results in employer's liability law cases most often come from aggressive and experienced handling--a course that often leads to an expedient conclusion without sacrificing a thorough understanding of what is at stake.

Employer's Liability attorneys at Galloway Johnson have abundant experience in a full range of Employer's Liability cases, including the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (L&HWC); 905B; the Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and Louisiana Worker's Compensation Acts; and the Jones Act. We provide clients with both the resources and the dynamic approach necessary to effectively defend cases so that employers can move forward with business and retain their competitive edge.

Galloway Johnson Named 2016 Workers' Compensation Litigation Firm of the Year in Mississippi