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Representing lenders, property owners and title insurers, Galloway Johnson's title litigation team brings results home in an efficient, timely and successful way. Attorneys in our Firm continue to build on a reputation earned throughout the region on behalf of hundreds of cases in a tumultuous and competitive lending environment, the skilled attorneys of Galloway Johnson use creative and time-tested methods to solve problems related to real estate transactions, no matter how common or novel. Our attorneys and paralegals analyze and review initial potential problems, design contingencies for resolution, implement strategies to quickly resolve problems and litigate to final disposition - all the while keeping the clients completely and regularly informed and expectations exceeded.

The Title Litigation group focuses on problems that arise when underlying loan documents or title transfer have been compromised or forged, when developers or contractors have not been paid, when owners face claims of adverse possession or discover that their property is landlocked, when banks realize that closing documentation was not properly created or a security interest has not been perfected. Title Litigation often brings actions in three states to determine the true ownership and interest in real property and is expert in researching and implementing the correct status of real estate title. Title Litigation group also regularly enforces contracts and promises, whether express or implied, to force negligent or fraudulent parties to compensate clients for losses. We also offer special services to collect upon judgments and recoup losses from responsible parties, including bonds, E&O carriers, professional neglect and other sources of real recoupment and salvage.

Efficiency, versatility, service and reach are the advantages of the collective experience of Galloway Johnson's Title Litigation group. Led by Scott B. Mueller, who began devoting his career to title and real property litigation at a time of incredible fluctuation and bolstered by the experience that came with seeing those issues through in St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago, our Title Litigation professionals are equipped with the skills, speed and motivation to achieve the client's goals at the most competitive rates in the industry and with the most consistent client service level. Every major national title insurer and dozens of lending institutions, both regional and national, have relied on Scott's Title Litigation expertise. Our services are designed around the client’s need, not any archaic notion of how representation should be determined. Rather, our clients’ needs dictate the terms for our service and our team is adaptable to the need. We seek to remove as many variables as possible from the inherently unpredictable world of trial and litigation, so that the client is assured of proper and effective representation and informed at every step of the way.


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