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Office Contact:
Doris Bobadilla

(228) 214-4250
Fax: (228) 214-9650
2510 14th Street
Suite 910
Gulfport, MS 39501
Galloway Johnson attorneys have practiced law in Mississippi for many  years.  The firm’s commitment to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, coupled with the urging of our clients, brought about plans to open an office in Gulfport.  By 2005, the firm's plans to open its Mississippi office on the beautiful Gulf Coast were becoming a reality.  Although Hurricane Katrina placed those plans on a temporary hold, Galloway Johnson opened its doors in 2007 in a small, charming house in downtown Gulfport. As the city rebuilt after Katrina, businesses came back to Gulfport and offices emerged better than ever.  In 2010, the Gulfport office moved to the Hancock Bank building overlooking the Port of Gulfport.  Our attorneys in Gulfport provide a variety of litigation and legal services for our clients.  Our litigation practice includes construction defect, professional liability, maritime, worker’s compensation, premises liability, automobile accidents, contracts, first-party insurance, general commercial liability, and products liability.

Gulfport is a central location on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Located one hour from New Orleans, one hour from Mobile, and one hour from Hattiesburg, downtown Gulfport is easily accessible and is a destination for many tourists.  From its simple, modest beginnings as a port city, Gulfport has evolved into a diversified community.  Gulfport is one of the fastest-growing areas in the state, due in part to the flourishing gaming industry, and is a residential community that is blessed with a strong business center.  Gulfport has recently grown as a result of the city’s downtown façade grant program, and new businesses and entertainment venues have opened their doors to eagerly awaiting visitors.  The Port of Gulfport is currently undergoing restoration that could eventually make the Port of Gulfport one of the largest container ports in the nation.  The city of Gulfport is a premier place to live, work and play, and Galloway Johnson has a continued commitment to help the Mississippi Gulf Coast thrive and grow.


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