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Galloway Johnson : Estate Planning and Administration
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Galloway Johnson | Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning provides you and your family confidence that your estate will be preserved from excessive taxation, that your health care needs can be met, and that your estate is protected from imprudent spending. Estate planning directly and positively benefits you and your loved ones.

The Galloway Johnson estate planning team will be able to determine the value of your estate and how to legally protect it from confiscatory taxes. We can create a plan to distribute your estate that preserves its value and protects your heirs.

An effective estate plan will ensure the financial security of those you love. If you do not plan for what happens to your estate upon your death, the government will decide how your estate is distributed. In addition, proper estate planning can help protect your assets from creditors, both during life and after death.

Once your estate plan is in place, you also want to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Our attorneys assist executors and heirs in administering estates and in probate and succession proceedings.

The estate planning and administration attorneys at Galloway Johnson regularly assist clients with planning for and post-death administration of both large estates and modest estates. Our attorneys are highly trained in the field of estate planning and taxation, and can assist you with your planning and estate administration needs, including:

We are committed to assisting our clients through these highly personal matters with care, compassion, and discretion, recognizing that what may work for one family, may not be appropriate for another. We know that one size does not fit all. Thus, we take time to understand our clients' wishes to develop the most appropriate solutions for each client. Furthermore, we encourage a team approach to estate and business planning, ensuring that our client's CPA, financial advisor, insurance professional and other advisors are all "on the same page."


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