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Galloway Johnson | Employment Litigation, Public Entity & Civil Rights Law Firm

Galloway Johnson has been privileged to represent various government bodies, including State departments, agencies, and political subdivisions, in a variety of litigation, investigations and official proceedings. Our attorneys find this area of practice challenging and rewarding because it presents a variety of demands with issues and disputes that can dramatically impact the effective operation of government systems.

Our cases have included single-plaintiff, class action and mass tort litigation involving civil rights claims, road hazards, serious personal injuries and environmental torts. For example, our attorneys have defended numerous civil rights cases, as well as the State of Louisiana against claims stemming from Hurricane Katrina.

As special counsel to a State board, we have provided reliable counsel with respect to legal, procedural and regulatory issues applicable to the work of the board. Our attorneys’ experience in civil rights law includes extensive litigation in state courts, federal district courts, and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In addition to representing government bodies, Galloway Johnson has defended various private parties, specifically employers and insurers, in a variety of civil rights and employment litigation. Our defense of employers begins at the investigative phases by various administrative bodies and continues through any potential litigation to resolution of the claim. Our cases have included single and multiple claimant litigation involving individual civil rights claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act. Additionally, our practice has often focused on defending claims alleging violations of more specific federal regulations including the Davis Bacon Act, the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act, the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act, and also individual states' regulations regarding civil rights and wage payment.

Beyond litigation defense, Galloway Johnson offers a variety of employment law services, including evaluating our clients' internal human resources policies and advising employers on pro-active practices to prevent future employment litigation. Additionally, our firm has created employment handbooks for a variety of businesses, helped employers create and implement internal record keeping policies that will be useful in defending future employment litigation, and has even assisted employers with internal investigations of employee misconduct and the creation of Separation Agreements and Releases in the event of termination of employees for a variety of reasons.

Our experienced civil rights and employment attorneys offer seminars on a multitude of civil rights and employment topics, including sexual harassment in the workplace, employees' rights in the workplace, preventing and defending employment litigation, effective human resources policies, record keeping and document retention, labor and wage issues, and more. Galloway Johnson is pleased to offer these informative presentations to clients and their employees in order to keep our clients' well apprised of the most up-to-date civil rights and employment laws, issues, and changes. Our attorneys find that keeping clients well informed and advised with regard to their internal policies has served the clients well in preventing and defending their business against employment liability.


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