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Galloway Johnson | Bankruptcy Debtors' Rights

Galloway Johnson's bankruptcy debtor practice regularly helps individuals, families, businesses and other legal entities navigate the complex provisions of the United States Bankruptcy Code in order to achieve a desired effect or minimize exposure to an otherwise harmful liability. Our bankruptcy attorneys counsel individual and corporate Debtors in a wide variety of situations, such as obtaining a discharge or a beneficial restructuring from consumer or business debts, litigating adversary proceedings to avoid liens or determine the dischargeability of a certain obligation, asserting or maximizing the recovery of claims or collateral for Creditors, and/or the representation of a Trustee or the Bankruptcy Estate to ensure Code compliance.

The practice at Galloway Johnson truly extends beyond mere expertise within the process itself, but encompasses everything a Bankruptcy Estate involves, including, but not limited to: business litigation, personal injury, real estate, family law, and probate. Sometimes, it is also means avoiding the process altogether or preserving the protections of the Code as a last resort in an effort to serve a client's best interest.

Galloway Johnson stands apart from other practitioners because the firm maintains such a diverse practice and focuses on valuable holistic results, not assembly line mentality. Its attorneys truly and comprehensively understand issues as they may affect the Bankruptcy Estate, or its participants, and have the experience and resources to resolve those issues. To hire the firm is to truly work directly with its attorneys to achieve a maximally beneficial result.

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