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Galloway Johnson | Bad Faith/Extra-Contractual Litigation Law Firm

Galloway Johnson is recognized as one of the premier Bad Faith/Extra-Contractual Litigation (“Bad Faith”) defense firms along the Gulf Coast. Our attorneys who litigate Bad Faith matters have handled hundreds of commercial and personal lines claims and lawsuits for the Firm’s insurance carrier clients and are experienced in all forms of claims and lawsuits that allege the bad faith handling of insurance matters. For example, the Firm was instrumental in handling an extremely high volume of bad faith claims and lawsuits for several insurers in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike.

Bad Faith claims and lawsuits consume a considerable amount of time and money for insurers and are claims that test the integrity of our valued clients. The claims and lawsuits may stem from one or more of a number of actions or inactions alleged by an insured against the insurance company from denial of coverage to failure to negotiate a settlement.

Education, not insensitivity, cynicism or skepticism, is the principal tool in avoiding bad faith. Even the most educated claims professional can be blind-sided in the claims handling and litigation processes absent a clear understanding of the bad faith “setup,” and an actual awareness of who set the trap. The goal is recognizing where the problems and potential exposure lie and taking proactive steps to prevent the bad faith claim.

Accordingly, in each Bad Faith claim or lawsuit, Galloway Johnson assembles our dynamic team of attorneys that practice in this domain to protect and defend our clients’ integrity and resolve these matters in the most advantageous and efficient way possible.

Utilizing this approach, Galloway Johnson takes pride in staying ahead of the ever-evolving Bad Faith jurisprudence in defense of these claims. Galloway Johnson’ attorneys have obtained numerous favorable outcomes for dozens of insurance companies in cases relating to property damage, coverage issues, and improper adjustment of insurance claims.


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