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Galloway Johnson : Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience
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Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience

Most cases are resolved by way of mediation or other informal settlement process.  As such, our clients need--and have--skilled trial counsel who also are experienced at mediation and negotiation.

Galloway Johnson attorneys mediate cases pending in both state and federal courts on a regular basis. We are experienced with most of the leading private mediators in our venues, as well as with the federal Magistrate Judges who frequently conduct settlement conferences before trial.

Our experience includes the mediation of complex multi-party cases, including both casualty losses and substantial first-party property claims.  One example is our involvement in numerous construction litigation cases.  The mediations and negotiations in such cases typically involve multi-million dollar demands and numerous parties, including the owner, designers, general contractor, subcontractors, and the several insurance companies that issued insurance policies to the various businesses involved.  The litigation of these cases is usually difficult and expert-intensive, and so are the mediations to resolve them.  Galloway Johnson has extensive experience in such matters representing the owner, designer, general contractor, subcontractor and insurance company.

To resolve first-party property claims following Hurricane Katrina, Galloway Johnson represented a leading insurance carrier in informal settlement conferences that were conducted without the assistance of the court or a mediator.  These conferences were attended by a client representative, plaintiff's counsel, and the insured.  The overwhelming majority of these settlement conferences resulted in the resolution of the claim, dramatically lowering litigation costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.


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